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Agrarians, surveyors, power engineers, mining specialists, online patrolling services and many-many others are increasingly using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or data from services using them. They are more and more understanding how these little helpers can improve routine processes and increase profits.

In particular, without unnecessary costs (both time and financial) allow you to make orthophotoplans of fields, settlements, quarries, water reservoirs, roads, transmission power lines with high accuracy. To determine and analyze the dynamics of changes in the state of crops, predict yields, protect crops from adverse factors, make trichograms, reduce costs fertilizers and seed, control the perimeters of the fields, respond quickly to emergency, etc.

Our UAVs have high functionality and can handle this easily.

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Our Specialization

Scientific Production Company “ITEC” is a developer, a manufacturer and an operator of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) since 2014. It has got the experience in corporate IT consulting.


- aerial survey
- crop condition monitoring
- field measurement
- heat source identification


- visual and NDVI field maps
- topographic maps
- water deficiency maps
- orthophotomaps

Analytics & IT

- analysis based on image processing
- IТ consulting
- IT outsourcing
- integration of IT services

Emergency support

- search and rescue operations
- assistance for fire-fighting
- localization of dangerous areas
- on-site patrolling

UAVs Production

- development and manufacturing of drones, control ground stations, antenna systems, systems of launch/landing and spare parts

UAVs technical maintenance

- software development
- repair and replacement of equipment

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Small (150 cm wingspan) Professional Drone with 2 hours in flight on Electric Power gives you a Great Value in Bussines. 

Our UAVs integrates in Corporate Systems and Services: Agricultural Scouting, GNSS RTK Networks, GPS-Tracking Systems, Online Video Monitoring, Resource Management Systems, GIS and Geological Survey.

Yurii Nyzhnyk


We use ITEC services because their drones are able to quickly collect data from a huge territory and with great accuracy for a reasonable fee. Thanks to this, we are able to better respond to changes in the fields.

Oleksii Voloshyn

GIS and Mapping Services Company

If you are looking for someone who can help with drone technology in your business, these are some of the best guys. Their friendliness and result-oriented approach is what I like about them.

Our Projects

Here are some of completed projects in:





700 objects in hard to reach places on the vast territory


29,000 ha with fields and bad zones contours, NDVI layers


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